Monday, 16 January 2017

the spring semester

A new semester means new challenges... I am going to continue studying even this year. I've learned a few lessons from the fall semester and have decided to take twice the amount of courses to keep busy while also try to get better at keeping my working hours. I could have spent a lot more time on the courses I took last year, but my discipline wasn't awesome, plus two long trips in the middle of the semester made it hard to keep a nice workflow. 

This year I have already made a schedule for how much time I want to spend studying, that I hope to keep. I have chosen four courses within graphic design and image processing. A normal semestr in Sweden equals 30 credits and these courses will end up at a total of 37,5 credits so it might be a bit much. Depending on what other activities I'll end up doing I might have to drop a course, but as they are not all overlapping in time I hope to manage.

Besides studying this semester I have some vaguer plans on keeping up my architectual skills and working on my creativity. I have a few more or less "real" projects to work on, helping out my cousins with a summer house extension and possibly doing some "project managing" for some people here in Brunei, but I mostly plan to just do stuff I think is fun. I want to develop my skills in the software I usually work in - Revit - and will probably dive in to some tutorials. Plus I'm planning to start designing my own, and maybe someone else's- dream house. When I studied to become an architect what I most enjoyed was working on housing projects, but I have never really done that in my professional life. So now I'll have a go at that, even though the projects will not be real. 

All in all I think I have an exiting, and maybe a bit too ambitious, semester ahead of me. Wish me luck!

Friday, 13 January 2017

resolutions, first amendments

Yeah, so one the loooong flight back home from Sweden last week I came up with a few more goals for this year, to add to the ones in this post. So in addition to those, here are three more:

  • Be nicer to my skin: use lotion on my dry hands and legs on a daily basis and develop some kind of skin-care routine for my little face. Plus use at least SPF20 on my face, every day
  • Only eat good candy, not boring candy. And enjoy it. This will be easy the first weeks since I have brought so much from Sweden, but later in the year it will be trickier 
  • Try to reduce my screen time a little bit. Don't know how yet, I'll get back to this
I have also decided that I'm going to "check in" on these goals once a month, because it's fun but also because it might make it easier to remember what I wanted with this year. First time I'll make a control of my resolution resolve will be by the end of January. 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

my career so far and thoughts about the future

A while ago I found the second photo in this post  in a drawer and it made me reminisce the times before I started working.
Me and my super cute friend and class mate Linnea in front of Le Corbusiers Villa Savoy, on a study trip in 2004 
In 2007 I finished my masters in architecture, moved back from a year studying in Germany and got my first job. I was lucky, I think I was only job hunting for about a month before getting the job, I don't even really remember being unemployed. It was at a small firm, only me, my boss and one other architect about ten or fifteen years older than me. In many ways it was the perfect first job as I got to try a lot of things and didn't just end up being a CAD monkey (someone just drawing things for a more senior architect) as I think was the case for some of my classmates. But the office also felt little bit too isolated from the rest of the world for someone just taking their first step in to the business and I wasn't disappoint when I had to give my notice as me and Andreas decided to move to Norway. 

a Master of Architecture, 2007
After our first time living in a new country (Germany) I had learned a few things and as soon as the move to Norway was confirmed I applied for a course at the university in Stavanger. I knew I didn't just want to sit at home not having any friends, while job hunting. So for the first nine months in Norway I studied art and architectural history, and met some very nice people. One if them is still a really good friend of mine (hei Kristine!). The day after I had my final exam in the course I started my new job in Stavanger. Again I was pretty lucky and never had to just sit around and wait. 

I worked at the same place for the rest of my time in Norway, about six years. It's a little bit complicated to describe what I did, I was employed as an architect, but the firm was an interior architect firm, and during my time there I only designed one building from inside and out. I mostly worked with projects where the volume, structure and facade was set by another architect firm and then I - together with my clients and after a lot of analysis and many workshops - designed the plan layout, the solutions, materials and to some extent, the decor. So I guess I was working somewhere in between an architect and an interior architect. Or more accurately, as an interior architect but with an architects point of view. And there are more differences there than most of you would guess, FYI.


Now I am in many ways back where I started. Because I have no. friggin. idea. about what I'm going to do next. Oh. For the next few years I most likely will not work, because of visa reasons, but also because it's apparently almost impossible for a "dependent" (that's what I am, someone who follows a family member with a job in the move) to find a job here. My main plan is to study, and so far that has been great, inspiring and fun. But in what direction should I go? I haven't been exactly sure I want to continue working as an architect for the past few years. Should I try to change careers?  In that case, to what? Something design-y, still? Or should I try to change direction within my field and spend my time now focusing on learning stuff and networking to make that solution more plausible? 

I really don't know. But. Luckily there's no real stress. I've decided that I can have at least the first year here just figuring things out and enjoying being able to try things out. And that's such a huge luxury. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

short update

Hi there, bloggy.
I'm just dropping in to tell you that I'm busy getting back in to my normal routines and finishing the final project of one of my courses from last year. The course ends this week and then at least one of my new ones start on Monday... The whole of this week will mostly just be about remembering what it is like to have a schedule again and finding out more about what will happen this semester. But I do have a few ideas about blog-posts as well, so hang in there, I'll be back soon.

Friday, 6 January 2017

my new years resolutions for 2016, how did it go?

When I wrote down my new years resolutions for this year I knew we were moving to Brunei but hadn't told you guys yet. So I knew it would be a weird year. But let's see if I did what I had planned:

Three experiences I want to have during 2016
  • getting married yep, check
  • visit a country in Asia  hehe, eh well I moved to one and have visited three others
  • go to Herräng Dance camp, again.  yass! Just sad my dear Alis couldn't make it this year
Three new skills I want to learn
  • how to sit in lotus position - Sukhasana, nooope
  • learn the Tranky Do (an authentic jazz routine)! nope,  but parts of it!
  • learn how to tap! eh, no. But I've practiced a bit. Not as much as I had planned though

Three new habits to aim for
  • stop snoozing,  weeell maybe that has improved a bit, lately
  • eat less meat. yes especially lately, there can be quite a few meat-free days in a week now
  • eat breakfast, regularly. yup, at least since we moved

Three health-related things I should do
  • figure out what to do with my cross-eyedness. eh, well, not really. I did try to put Botox in one of my eye-muscles, and I have new glasses that works better but it still seems I just have to learn how to live with it.
  • get my back back in order.  after 8 months of pain my back suddenly stopped hurting in April this year. Oh the relief I felt!
  • go on a checkup at a OB/GYN yes, check!

Three fun things I want to do more often
  • read (actually read, not listen to) books. yes, absolutely, especially since I quit my job
  • dance lindy hop, blues and tap, at any given opportunity. yes, I have. 
  • go on walks with my friends.  well, before we moved I went on a lot of nice walks with Emma and Tuulikki. Since the move I go on a few walks every now and then but mostly to catch Pokémons.

Three creative things I want to start doing again in 2016
  • blog more! I actually think it's fun, but 2015 was a really lazy year, blog wise. I hope to remedy that in 2016. 2013 and 2014 were strong blog-years for me, and at least 2016 was better than 2015! Since the move I've been better at updating, right?
  • paint. Both with acrylic paint that I've tried quite a lot before, but also with water colors that I think is really tricky. Maybe also draw... No, there hasn't been pretty much any painting. I'm starting to get back in to it a bit now though, I think.
  • taking more pictures with my DSLR, and make photo-books and albums our cameras have been pretty well used during our trips, but I still would like to get better at documenting our everyday life in a more professional way. Maybe I'll take a course this year? I have made two albums though, on from our wedding and one about the first 6 months here.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

I'm having a go with Promarkers

One of my goals with the time I'm going to spend here in Brunei is to work on my drawing skills. I used to draw a lot when I was a child but ever since I started working I felt a huge lack of inspiration and pretty much stopped all together... I'm ok with drawing, not close to being a pro, but I enjoy it and sometimes I'm even satisfied with the results of what I do. There are a few techniques I want to try and play around with, and using Promarkers is one of them. I've seen what amazing stuff Anna and Bokkei have done and it is really inspiring. So I wanted to have a go. I don't pretend I'll get anywhere close to their skill, these two girls are professionals, but it just looks like so much fun, and it is a media I've never really tried before. When it comes to what to draw I've always been drawn to portraits, so I'm going to start with that. My plan is to find photos that I like, preferably portrait of people I admire, and try to draw them, in my own way. This below are a few my first attempts so far. They are all inspired by (copied) photos of women I follow on Instagram. The first of them is the super talented and beautiful artist Mab Graves...

Don't you think that first sketch look like Owen Wilson by the way?!

... and the other is Amanda/Haus of Mandy Meow another cool and beautiful girl. 

I'm struggling with the eyes, they both look a bit cross eyed... But since I'm cross eyed myself  I guess I could just see that as my own personal touch..  otherwise I liked working with the pens and I feel like I want to keep trying. It is really hard to get even surfaces and I feel like there are a lot of colors I don't have... Mostly it just feels really good to work with my hands again and not just sit in front of the computer all the time. I'm going to continue collecting inspiring photos I find and keep practicing. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

I have read: Spelreglerna

By Jonas karlsson

This book is actually in Swedish, but it feels weird to change language for just one post do I'll just do this in English even tho they this book isn't available in other languages as far as I know...

This a collection of short novels with different themes but with one thing in common: in all of them there is something off. Like, the world is our real world but one premiss has changed that makes the story more or less absurd and surreal. One of the rules has changed and suddenly the game is a completely different one and you feel lost. Like what if you suddenly got a bill in the mail, where you are instructed to pay for all of the emotions and experiences you have felt in your life. 

I didn't know Jonas karlsson as a writer before reading this book. In Sweden he is more well known as an actor. I've always liked him in that capacity and I think it was while watching an interview with him on tv that I found out he also writes. 

Sunday, 1 January 2017


I rather like New Years resolutions. I think it's completely natural to want to get a fresh start after a few weeks of celebrations, festivities and time with family and friends. It's often during a holiday that I get the time to reflect on what I want my everyday life to be like. And after some time off it's obviously easier to feel energized to start something new. So don't be judgy now. 

After the awesome weirdness that was a large part of my 2016 I want some normality. Now it's time to figure out how what my new daily life will look like. So that's the major resolution for this year, coming up with - and stick to - routines that will make life in Brunei feel like a normal, satisfying and meaningful every day life.

OK. So that's all well and good. But how will I do that? I'm thinking something along these lines:

In 2017 I want to

... set and apply "working hours" for studies and projects during the weekdays

... establish a proper daily routine when it comes to food and physical activity

... make room for creativity, actually schedule time for it

... try to get better at networking IRL and try to find more people to hang out with, regularly

... frequently be in contact with friends and family back home

... by the end of the year, have set some goals for my professional future

All of these things are important and good. And quite tricky. They are also not super easy to just check off by the end of 2017. Did I make room for creativity? Did I schedule time for it? depends on what I think is sufficent time, I guess. So this year I also have a few very concrete things that I can qualify and say "yes" or "no" to. I like that. Plus, I love listing things.

10 specific things I want to do in 2017:

  • Paint my toenails often. Because looking down on brightly colored toes makes me happy.
  • Run 10K, once. Like without stopping for a rest
  • Take an online photo course and start to use my camera on "manual" setting
  • Bake my own bread, at least once
  • Find one really good friend in Brunei
  • Take 60 kg in bench press 
  • Make one new proper friend via Instagram or a blog
  • Start an online portfolio 
  • Grow my hair long and learn how to make a Dutch braid. 
  • Read 20 books, 5 of them non-fictional 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I've read: the seed collectors

By Scarlett Thomas

Yeah, so this was a weird one. The first half of the book I really liked, the weirdness was all good, but then it escalated and became a bit too much even for my taste. And then I'm a person that usually enjoys weirdness. 

Anyway. This is the story of a family, or at least people who are more or less connected with each other. Like, husbands and wives, childhood friends, cousins, children, grandparent. The story changes perspective quickly, being told from by the eleven year old, food obsessed tennis playing daughter in one part of a chapter, the next it's the 40-something, hunky, bachelor uncle, and so on. The back story is that the mothers of three of the female character disappeared while on a research trip looking for some unusual plant when the girls where only children. The whole story revolves vaguely around botany, but mostly it's about the more or less intricate relationships between the characters.

Anyway. This book was ok, not awesome. I didn't really like any of the characters. I mean, they were real and well written enough, I just didn't care for them much. They constantly annoyed me with their choices and behaviors. And again, it just turned weird in the end, without saying too much. The language is really good though, and I could actually relate to some parts, so that was a plus.

Saturday, 24 December 2016